Need Help - Lost Windows 10 Password - Tried Following HTG Article to no Avail


I attempted the process here:

It is a Windows 10 machine.
How ever, once i found windows/system32, there was no Utilman.exe.
I tried copying cmd.exe to utilman.exe but it not do any good. Apparently ease of use is pointing somewhere else??? HELP!


I haven’t had to do this before, but I notice at the part you are having trouble with that the article mentions a CD. Are you actually using a CD or did you create a thumb drive with the ISO on it?

My inclination would be to ignore the CD part since most people tend to use CD-R’s which you can’t modify files on, so you would want to use a thumb drive so you can make the changes stated in the article.

If you are still having issues, please list any errors you are getting when attempting to move or copy the files.