Need help logging into my dell tablet


hi i won a dell latitude 10-st23 tablet with windows 8 from a legit auction company when i received it it was locked with an admin password can anyone give me advice on how to get passed that or erase it altogether i just want the windows 8 it came with. also their is only one usb so downloading something and then attemtpting to have it boot from the usb cant be done because you need the usb for the keyboard thank you


Define legit auction company.

Did they auction it as a new or used item. If it was new then I would contact the auction company to have them assist in remedying the situation.

If used then you are probably looking at having to wipe the device with a fresh install. You would need another computer to download the OS:

Side note: Even though you only have one USB port, you could always purchase and connect a USB hub to get more USB ports if you need them.


Thank you so much I completely forgot about the USB hub I’ll do that and it was but it didn’t have a charger so they didn’t know about the operating system so the link will help thanks