Need Help Identifying Unknown Source of Excessive WiFi Usage


My WIFI provider Cox Communications is charging me for an unlikely WIFI usage, and I need help in discovering the problem. I cut the cord in November 18 and had no problem til three months ago, when Cox alerted me that I was over my 1T cap. In the last two months, they have alerted me progressively earlier and charged me an outrageous amount for overages this month. My lifestyle is as follows: Single using an iphone with and checking FB off and on throughout the day. Very few videos streamed on FB. Two televisions which are watched in the evening for 3-4 hours Philo or Sling. IMac used several hours a day for checking mail and research on internet. PERIOD. How does that turn into 1 TERABYTE??? I have an older Netgear modem. I have been advised to change my password for it, but I don’t even know if it has one. I live in an apartment building. (Yesterday I check data usage and according to Cox in the last 24 hours I have used 100 GB.) I must be having a great time, since I am paying for it. Have never played a game in my life. Any clues out there???


Changing the password on the modem would help, but that’s not were the problem is. Change the password on your ROUTER. One of your neighbors has discovered your WIFI password and is taking advantage of it. Too bad you can’t find the culprit. You CAN have him/her arrested. Stealing wifi IS against the law. You MUST change the password on your wifi source, and make it a STRONG one.