Need Help - How to display different video feed on two monitors with CCTV DVR?


Hello.This is my first time and so I hope I’m doing this right.

I’m a security guard whom 4-5 years ago used to monitor CCTV for the local police station where they had multiple screens.Unfortunately being so long ago I no longer can remember how to do it but you could either drag or open up on a second screen a main camera selection from a first screen that has split screen multiple CCTV. I wish to do the same with my 8 channel SWANN HD PRO SERIES model:SWDVK-845808.

I’ve got my DVR connected to the two screens no problem (both VGA&HDMI out ports) but it’s identical on each screen and when I see something of concern or interest on 1 of my 8 cameras I need to be able to select that specific camera to view on a second screen where the individual selected camera takes up the entire of the second screen while at the same time still be able to monitor my 8 cameras on the first screen.

Swann have told me that people have achieved this although they’re unable to tell me how.

I’d be really grateful for any help.Thanks.