Need Help - Having Trouble Updating Intel Graphics Drivers


Hi everyone.

I made a thread on here last year for the same issue but gave up deciding it was not worth it. But given I still don’t have a new computer I want to try again and see if I can update my grahics drivers - I know it is not wholly 100% nessacary but I have always ensured mine were up to date - this computer is of course an exception, to my annoyance!

The problem is that even via a zip file it just doesn’t want to install (including safe mode) and after the timed out install via dev manager I recieve a very long shutdown sequence, and then a BSOD. To add I also did a fresh reinstall of the OEM drivers via DDU.

The error message device manager displays to me after installing from the “have disk” method is the following:


My BIOS is also the latest version. Here is information about my computer:

Intel Core i5 4210u
Intel HD 4400
Windows 10 64 Bit
Current Driver Version & Date: - 10/11/2016

Thanks, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Besides your BIOS/UEFI, are your other drivers up-to-date? Like the chipset drivers?

I’m assuming you are getting the drivers from the manufacturer? What do they say about the issue you have been having.

Normally I would say its important to keep video drivers current, but if you aren’t on a dedicated card meant for gaming then I wouldn’t bother. Even if you were, there have been some bad graphics drivers in the past so I would be hesitant to update unless necessary, or its been a while since the last time you updated.