Need Help - Disabling Web Search Has Killed My Windows Start Search

Following I set BingSearchEnabled to 0. Immediately, nothing changed. After rebooting, search does not return any results. The search area stays completely empty except for the search input.

A quick web search about this yielded no useful information. Does anybody have pointers as to how to troubleshoot this?

Did you try to revert the registry changes that you’ve done?

No. I’d rather have no search at all than a Bing search

Apparently there’s an issue with the September update to WIndows 10 – Have you updated to that release already, or did the error occur before you updated? I ask because I did the Bing/Cortana removal registry hack and was successful with no problems. However, the udpate to OS build 18362.356 / KB4515384 resulted in the same symptoms - non-functional search, and also couldn’t right-click on task bar to get list of app’s associated files. I was able to back out to a restore point and get my task bar functional again.

Microsoft has changed the problem’s status to ‘Resolved’ without making changes - considered insignificant according to details.