Need Help - Black Screen on iMac After Installing Windows 10


I just installed Windows 10 on a late 2009 iMac. Everything went fine and Windows installed just fine. Then the screen flickered and went black. After that, Windows will not start or re-install. Tried installing Ubuntu and Linux Mint, but all I got was a black screen when they “started” installing. Tried re-installing Windows and it gets stuck at the partitioning of the hard drive.


I suppose you have tried all of the obvious things like rebooting holding down the option key or command R to access the recovery partition?


Did you use Boot Camp for the Windows installation?
Do you have a backup?


The computer came from a friend and he was running the Mac OS. He said that the hard drive had gone bad, so I ordered an SSD to replace it. This hasn’t arrived yet. Installing Windows was just a test to see if it would work. I am currently using an iMac 2010 with Windows 10 clean installed - no Boot Camp required. I had to use Boot Camp when the install was complete to get the full array of drivers, but the computer I am using right now runs just great. Could be that the hard drive on the older iMac is damaged and not allowing the installation to complete?

There is no back up, since all the files had previously been removed. There was no recovery partition for the Mac OS for some reason.


That may well be it. I’ve seen this happen before when old internal drives start to display signs of corruption. A drastic change like a reformat, partition or even just a clean install of the original OS can push them over the edge. Better luck with the new one.


SSD just arrived today. Going to tear into the iMac and see how it goes!


Let us know how it goes.


Changing out the HDD for an SSD was a breeze. Much easier than I expected. Windows 10 installed fine, but about 10 minutes into doing updates the screen flickered and went black, just like it had done with the old hard drive. Is it possible that the graphics card is bad? The old hard drive definitely had problems, so don’t think it was a waste replacing it, but…


Sorry it took so long to get back on this. Fixed the black screen problem. It was a problem with Windows 10 trying to install a graphics driver other than the basic one. All I had to do was not connect the computer to the internet and Windows and Office installed just fine. Then I used BootCamp via the Command Prompt and the proper drivers installed without an issue. Seems to be a problem with older Macs.