Need Advise on Which Type of VR HMD to Use


I’ve created a 12 minute ArchViz 360 degree VR video. I’m currently using an HTC VIVE which is great. However, I plan to enable an audience of 10 - 250 people to view it at one go - so that one viewer is seeing and experiencing the same journey as the rest of the audience. I plan to have the all the VR headsets to stream this from a base from the venue - for copyright purposes of course. It has to be an easy plug and play kind of scenario where the viewers will be asked to just put on the headset and enjoy the ride and put it back in the seat after the presentation. Besides the Oculus Go which can connect to a PC & stream, is there any other VR headset with the same function and is relatively cheaper that can do the trick? Any help would be appreciated!