My Minecraft Server isn't working no matter what I do!


So. It’s four am, I just wanna get the server up and running so I can play with my internet buddies. I’ve read the “How-to Geek’s How to Run a Simple Local Minecraft Server” over four times and for some reason, the server keeps “overloading” and crashing. It won’t let me set my own player mode to creative either in the console or in the game, heck, its not accepting any commands. It also isn’t liking my IP address, and says its “OLD”. I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten spawn to work, as it has been spawning me in the same area at least twice, but everything else is isn’t reacting positively. I’ve accepted the EULA and have done everything correctly (to my knowledge)! Please, lend assistance ASAP!

A picture of one of the things I’m being shown.



It looks like some issue with time, it’s behind the local time. Try to sync time with a NTP server.


How would I do that?


This error happens when the server can’t update the game often enough… this usually means someone has either created way too many entities, or you have a command block doing something too fast, or someone has glitched something into the game that doesn’t belong.

Try disabling command blocks and see if the problem continues. If so, then you may need to use a map editor to go in and remove the glitches. I used to use MCEdit for stuff like this… you might see if that still works.