MS Excel file is corrupt


Hello guys,

Thanks in advance!

This is the second time when I am facing the Excel file corruption. First time, open and repair option helped me handle the corrupt excel file but, this time it is not working…

I read this article: “Repair a corrupted workbook” from Microsoft and tried the xlsx repair methods. The problem is still there. Please help me to fix this issue…


Most of corruptions are solved owing to Open&Repair by Microsoft.

If it can’t help you, then there are many solutions for it, like XLSX Repair Kit - the main goal of it to work only with damaged XLSX files, not for XLS!


to repair and recover corrupt excel files, You can use the Free tools available online. these can be downloaded for free.This tool can effectively auto search excel files
and restore multiple XLS/XSLX files at the same time. This tool has easy and interactive user interface and can be used easily by even a nontechnical person.