Moving Windows 10 Special Folders from local SSD to local HDD using LocalGPO


In the process of building new stand-alone computers (clean install of Win 10 Enterprise), I would like to move the Windows Special Folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc…) from the default save locations on the local SSD (e.g. C:\Users[Username]\Desktop) to a local HDD where I intend to store data folders and files.

Accomplishing this through “Start>Settings>System>Storage” or “Start>File Explorer>[Right click a folder]>Properties>Location tab” is straight forward but a lengthy process and prone to abuse by users. I would like to accomplish this using the LocalGPO but unable to find the settings within the Local Computer Policies.

How do I accomplish this?


It can be changed with registry values. I’m using it in my PC. Only if you’ve a proper full system backup I can provide that procedure.