Move item from one start menu to another in Windows 10


Under Windows 7 if I wanted to move item on my startup menu from one group to another I could just open allprograms and move them. I am now running Windows 10. When loading some financial software it created a group on my startup called FINANCE. I just installed Turbotax and it created a startkup group called TURBOTAX. I want to put the turbotax under the financial group. How do I do that in Windows 10?


Is that a startup program? Did you install it from Windows store i.e. is it a modern UWP application?


Surprisingly enough, there’s an HTG article for that. :slight_smile:


I also found this one and it worked great. My problem was trying to figure out how to open two File Explorer windows at the same time under Windows 10. I found out it is very easy just hold down the windows key and press E.
Here is the method I found.


You just right-click File Explorer when it is open on your taskbar and select File Explorer again. This method should also work with any other program that will allow you to have more than one instance of that program open at a time.

Windows+E is only for File Explorer.