Move Folder Help



I have Windows 10 home and did something that is causing me some issues.
Yesterday I decided to do this post

So I only did one folder documents and set it to “F:\Windows 10 Documents”
But it did not place it there. Instead it seems to be in the Root of F: Drive.

Now my problem is the move somehow screwed up my pc and is causing BSOD often which says “” then 2nd part of error says “BAD_POOL_CALLER”.

How do I move the folder back to the c: drive and correct user using same method?
Do I simply do same step and point to " C:\Users\ username" ? such as current user would be “c:\Users\graft”?

Thanks in advance


Never ever move the whole User folder!! :skull_and_crossbones:

Can you boot normally into your sytem? If not the boot into safe mode and revert back your changes if possible.


Hello Biswa,

Thanks for fast reply to my issue.

I cant do what you suggest as my system restore feature has never worked from day one. I have no restore points at all. Even 3rd party backup software would not work to backup system.

Thanks in advance


YES, EXCEPT, COPY it back, then when you’re sure it’s working, delete the F location folder.


Hello Silverhost63,

Thanks for fast reply to my issue, i appreciate it.
I will do as you suggested and will let you know when done if it worked.



Hey Silverhhost63,

You method did not work I still get BSOD.
After doing more googling I reversed the process I did as there is an undo feature for windows controlled moved folders.

I have not had a BSOD for a few hours now and hope issue is fixed but guess I will find out in coming hours.



If you want to move Documents folder just make a directory symbolic link to that folder.


Hello Biswa,

Thanks for the reply.

I have decided to do something different.
I Purchased new drives and am going to install Windows and software on the new larger drives.

Thanks for your info, I will keep it in mind for Future if it happens on new OS at later date.