Mobo or graphics cards


My desktop tower crashed a few weeks back. It is a system I built from various parts and it worked quite well for a number of years. It crashed when we were having a number of issues with wifi and ISP service; however, I doubt that resolving those problems had anything to do with the crash.

The symptom is that the system will not boot and display. The LED monitor works, I think, because it will display logo and other info when turned on.

The PSU has been tested and retested in situ and after being removed. I tested it with a PSU test unit and with a multimeter without failure.

I don’t know whether the problem is the graphics card or the mobo or both, or even the SSHD.

How should I go about determining the problem?

Here are the specs:
No-name ATX full tower case with no bells or whistles
Large exhaust fan; 4" intake fan; 1 internal fan
Intel Core i5 3.40GHz CPU with Alpine Arctic Fan
GeForce 9500 GT graphics card (2 DVI ports) with fan
ECS Z77H2-A3 mobo populated with 8 sticks of RAM (16GB)
256 GB Cdrucial SSHD
2 Western Digital 500 GB HDDs mounted in Antec fan cooled racks
Corsair TX 759 i PSU

Thanks for any help you can give a not-as-geeky-as-he-thought 76 yo.


What OS are you running?

When you attempt to boot the system do you see anything on the screen at all? Do you hear anything from the computer such as fans spinning or beeps? Does the power button the front light up? Do you see any lights on the motherboard?

What exactly did you do to test the PSU? Can you verify the model? I can’t seem to find that model number anywhere.


You can also try running the monitor off the onboard graphics with the GeForce card removed. If you get a display, then the motherboard is okay and the problem is likely in the graphics card. If no display, then you will need to troubleshoot further and that could be anything. Even though you are getting good output readings on the power supply, I’m wondering if it still could be the problem.