Mobile hot spot


I’ve got a smartphone just lying round,how can I make it into a mobile hot spot?


What model is the phone?

First it would need a data plan attached to it. Once it has a data plan you would need to verify that it is hotspot enabled as some service providers may charge extra for the capability.


How can I turn one into hotspot without data plan thing?


You can’t because the whole idea of a hotspot is that the device has internet connectivity and you need another device to piggy back off of that to get an internet connection.

Now you could connect that phone to wifi without a data plan, but if you could do that I would think you wouldn’t have a need for a hotspot.


i dont have wifi were im at,so was hopin there was some kinda app i could use,one thatd let me use a thethering kinda deal when i had it pluged into a computer


In settings of your phone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


All you have to do is get service on the phone. You should have access to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon wireless where you are. Just find the one with the best service in your area and sign up for service.

If you’re trying to get Internet service at home without paying for it - that’s not really possible.


If I had extra money 2 burn each month would,guess we’ll do it this way,any recomadations on a WiFi antenna that’ll work up to half a mile?


You need the internet connectivity active on your smartphone to make mobile hot spot. As hot spot is all about sharing internet to some other device. You can also using bluetooth tethering for sharing the internet.


The range of the 2.4Ghz band is limited, I believe to do something like this you would have to have a point-to-point system setup. Even then, in order for it to work right you would likely need good line-of-sight between both antennas and you would be limited on this setup by FCC guidelines.


That’s a long reach… look for a parabolic dish or grid reflector antenna. But proper installation and setup of a wireless site with that kind of range is going to be pricey… I’d expect to spend $500-1000 for radios, antennas, cabling, masts, and proper grounding equipment.