Mobile data usage question


Have a great day. Galaxy 5 forgot to put mobile off for an hour or three (normally use WIFI) and left it on the table and it used more than my contract without my knowledge. Provider does not limit max but charges account. Question - how to block Galaxy for using more that certain data. Bi


Call your provider and ask them about setting a data warning or limit.

My Galaxy S3 comes with settings to do this - but you should call your carrier, who will be glad to help.


If you are connected to wifi most of the time probably the best thing to do is just turn data off, that way you only use it when you actually need it. You can still get calls and texts with your data off.

This is something I only started doing in the last month because we switched to Xfinity mobile and if I can keep data usage under 100MB then we only pay $3.12 in tax on our monthly phone bill.

We were with Verizon for the past 10 years, we shared 2GB of data but never went over 1GB so never needed to think about turning data off.