Major Registry Goof

Hi guys (& gals)
I’m new to the forum so please pardon any newbie WG-5s (Wrong Guess -5 points) I recently exported a huge chunk of Registry (to convert to text and edit then then reload so I could have god-like power over my computer) in my haste, I accidentally uploaded a huge chunk of registry file from another computer. Uggh!!! Any-who, the computer didn’t jump up, spin around and begin to shoot green-pea soup all over the room, but after shutdown it wouldn’t even think of booting-up again. I tried the “hold 20 seconds” master reset, even tried removing the battery, but no way to get to a screen to do anything. Some of you who actually know what you are doing, please respond. (points for pithy, but info is king.) Thanks in advance! SteadyRed…

It’s extremely difficult to recover from an accidental mass registry hack. Even when you think you’ve got it solved a few days or weeks later something else can pop up as problem.

The most foolproof, and often fastest, recovery is to do a clean install of Windows. Scroll down to the heading, “How to Get Installation Media and Do a Clean Install of Windows 10” in this article for instructions.

Thanks Paul, figured that was probably the only hope.