Macrium won't verify to internal drive


I have a 1TB WD green spinner (7200 rpm) that’s partitioned 750 and 250 (minus the overhead). On the 250, I have all my Docs, Videos, music, etc., and the 750 is use strictly for image backups. When I do image backups, I verify the backup. I backup to a thumb drive, an external spinner, and the internal WD. Macrium verifies OK on the thumb drive and the external, but will not verify on the internal. I used Partition Wizard to wipe the 1TB and repartition / reformat (NTFS) the drive. Macrium still refuses to verify on this drive. I use Clonezilla to image Linux, and it does verify on all 3 drives. I then decided to image the Win10 partition using Clonezilla, and it DID verify. Does anyone have any idea as to why Macrium won’t verify to the WD green, but will to the Toshiba external?



The only time I’ve had such a problem, the HDD was failing. I refused to even consider that possibility for some time, because all less-demanding apps worked fine. But eventually it failed, and looking back I could see that this had been the first indication.


I have already tested the hard drive, and it passed. I can use clonezilla and the back up image will verify.


Got that. Still. There’s almost no other explanation, except maybe bad RAM. Run Memtest86. Good luck.


Please explain to me why Macrium will verify to a thumb drive & to the external drive but not the internal drive, if one of the RAM sticks is bad. Also, why does clonezilla verify to the internal if the ram is bad.


This is greek to me. Someone please interprete this.


A plausible theory is that Macrium uses more memory for caching when verifying an internal drive then when verifying an external drive, and CloneZilla uses less RAM all the time.

RAM errors only have an effect when the bad areas are used. This is why RAM errors very often only show up when a particularity memory hungry program runs.


Thank you. I’m testing the ram 2 modules at a time. So far, I’ve found 1 bad stick.


Well, I learned something today. I was not aware that ram would cause this verify problem. I thought that the ram would just block out the bad section and go on from there. After pulling the bad stick out, Macrium now verifies to the internal HD. Just shows you’re never too old to learn. :sunglasses:


You’re welcome for the advice that led you to the solution. Somehow I didn’t take time to “please explain to me how…”. Maybe it was too demanding and entitled. Actually, given your peremptory writing style, you’re lucky I even replied to you the second time… after establishing an account just to help out in the first place. :sunglasses: