MacOS:What is Bootcamp?

Is it bootloader or Bios’s Boot Menu?..

BootCamp is found on MAC and it is like a virtual drive that helps you to install Windows on a MAC.

Thus, your device will have MAC OS on one side and Windows on the other.

(Please note that Windows doesn’t have the reverse option i.e. install MAC OS on it)

BootCamp is not a virtual drive.

BootCamp is a program that loads the Windows drivers for a Mac computer onto a USB drive, along with the Windows installation files. It also has a partition tool to allow you modify the built-in hard drive’s partitions to make space for the Windows volume.

Also, do not call a Mac computer a “MAC” with all uppercase letters. MAC is a networking term that has nothing to do with the Mac. Using “MAC” to refer to the iMac or MacBook computers is incorrect and confusing in some situations.

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Ok, noted. Mac, not MAC.