Lost system reststore in win7pro


am sure have registry problems…when I do a system restore it gives me a error #87 and a 0x80070005 error code.something about registry…I turn off anti virus when I do it…
Is there a good registry cleaning program?

Dell Inspiration
Win7 pro



Have you tried checking for corrupt system files with sfc /scannow?


Thanks,ran scan and said nothing wrong so ran restore(without anti virus)and same error mgs…this thing is 9 yrs old…but says it will take
win10…understand there is a way to get it free but can not find out how…
being on limited income do not want to spend money on something I won’t get much use out of as I am 76 and not in good health…so any help would be appreciated…


You can actually install Windows 10 for free, you just have a watermark that shows on the lower right of the screen.


Try running System Restore in Safe Mode.

Reboot your computer and keep tapping the F8 key until the menu appears.

Select Safe Mode with Networking

Once the computer has booted up, run the system restore - select a restore point prior to the time you noticed the problem.

Allow the system restore operation to run and see what happens.

The only caveat with running System Restore in Safe Mode is you will NOT have the option to “undo” the operation because system restore does not create an “undo” point when run in Safe Mode.

I have run System Restore in Safe Mode in the past and it has saved my a** on more than one occasion.

Give it a try and let us know your results.


Ok,did that and still came up with error 0x800700005 but no error #87
Thanks for the help…am going try and put Win10 on here…