Looking to Buy a New Notebook - Need Some Advice and Suggestions


I’m a 60 y.o. Guy… wanting to purchase a notebook… I like the Microsoft surface. I like touchscreen and removable keyboard. I don’t need a lot of memory…I would like one that comes with ability to take pictures of my artwork and then be able to add the individual pieces together to make the picture I’m looking to create. I also would like to be able to make label designs for a hot Italian salsa I sell. I send emails… watch Netflix… a few you tubes videos…The Microsoft surface is kind of expensive for an old guy on a limited budget … maybe someone has a suggestion for me as I don’t really know… as you can tell! As you can see… I’m not very educated in all of this …if anyone can direct me to a good quality machine the is of a lower price … that would be great. . so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance if anyone will have an idea an take the time to reply! Rick