Long can be changed



Het dit natuurlik gasheer en help om 'n nuwe gebruiker met hierdie? Geen te ingewikkeld?

Om hom in plaas daarvan te sluit is dit makliker vir 'n moderator.
Verduideliking bestaan nie op hierdie vraag te moeilik nie, werk dit wat jy sien?

Na watter gebruiker naam MIT verander van lank na lang is dit ingewikkeld en kry 'n nuwe gebruikersnaam? Is dit ook ingewikkeld.

Does it, of course, host and help a new user with this? Not too complicated? Instead, closing it is easier for a moderator. Explanation is not too difficult on this question, does it work? Which user name MIT changes from long to long is it complicated and gets a new username? This is also complicated.


Guys, we get people posting from all over the world here.

But this forum is based in the US, and many of us only speak English.

If you want to post in your native language, you may do so, but provide an English translation.

Type your message in your native langauge, then use 3 dashes (- - -) to create a divider. Then provide the English translation.

Like this:

Si vis post in lingua, potes facere, sed praebere *et infra.* 


If you want to post in your native language, you may do so, but *provide an English translation.* 

If you cannot write English well enough to provide a clear translation, you may use Google Translate at https://translate.google.com

Just, please, don’t make other people do your work for you, lest you get LMGTFY replies…