Linux display error


So I am stuck in tty. I can’t go to normal login screen using Ctrl+Alt+F(1-8) neither Alt+<–/-->. When I try to run “gedit” it says "gedit:(2884): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display. Almost (“unable to open display”)same with running “xhost”. (F7-8 it only shows black screen what I think it to be as login screen but it cannot open display.) How to fix this cannot open display error things. I’ve already tested maybe every single command which would fix this but no. Also (sudo) startx does not work.


Which distribution are you using? Can you login from TTY mode? Does that installed distribution has desktop environment installed?


I feel stupid but do you mean by distribution? I can login TTY when I’ve username and password the last login things comes on and I can write commands.


Yes, distribution. Like Ubuntu, Arch, Kali, Mint, Fedora, CentOS etc. Or you can call flavours of GNU/Linux. And which Desktop environment are you using in that distro?
Did you configure any settings mistakenly?


I use Mint and I use Cinnamon desktop with that. and I have not configured settings by mistake.


when was the last time you did an upgrade to the machine?

Mint has some issues with upgrades especially with big updates from 18.x series to 19.x series.

This can also be caused by a graphics driver upgrade failure like NVIDIA drivers.