Left and Right Hand Mouse Wars


On my Windows 7 computer, I was able to do Ctrl+F12 and it toggled my mouse from Left to Right, and Right to Left. It got this ability from something HTG published a long time ago. The article said to save a copy of the program as it was no longer supported. I did do so, but I don’t remember the name of the program. I have about 100 saved programs and don’t know which one it is.

I tried to find this article again, but Howtogeek’s website has stopped working for me. It spams my computer with empty boxes and I had to push the off button on my computer to stop it.

Can anyone tell me the name of the left-right right-left program? And what is wrong with my computer that is preventing me from using HTG’s website?


Did you mean the right and left click? You can do that from control panel. Type main.cpl in Run dialog box (Win+R). That open mouse control panel where you can configure that.

Looks like there is an experimentation going on. CC. @geek @wilsontp


I was looking for the 1-click solution I used to have. We are changing it your way, but being in a household with 2-lefties and 3-righties but only 1 computer, everyone is complaining.

I hope HTG stops testing soon. I am afraid to pull it up now.


With AutoHotKey it can be done with a single snap. If you successfully done that with my previous way the we come to short procedure.
Personally I didn’t try that. But your idea give me :bulb:


Downloading autohotkey. I hope it is as easy as you describe.


I found the original program finally. smb-install.exe It still works. I am back to 1-click mouse button switching.

Thanks for your suggestion about autohotkey. It looks interesting.


I can’t understand the relaion between SMB and mouse click? Can you provide the link of that software? I would not recommend to use 3rd party apps for such easy task.


It appears to be a how-to geek website. I could not find this on howtogeek.com’s search, but I did find it on a Google Search.

Look for “Left Handed in Liverpool” on the page. I did not download from the link this time though - once I had the program name I searched for it on old back-up copies.

PS: I never download anything unless I heard about it from HTG. I figure there are evil Russian Hackers everywhere and that HTG checks for them prior to recommending their software.