Keyloggers, holiday treats, and the grinch


concerned that someone with knowledge could insert a key logger though a USB port, or if u have files saved on a usb, when u go to insert in the computer your info can be compromised, wonder if anyone heard of any of these attacks, or ways to minimize the risk, or is there a safer secondary storage medium to use other then a usb, like some other kind of external hard drive, thanks


The only way to prevent a USB key logger is ensure the physical security of the PC. If no bad guy can physically touch your PC then no key logger can be plugged into your PC.

For external storage you can buy secure external media, use your own encryption on your media, or just make sure no bad guy can physically get a hold of your media to add malware to it. Secure media ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the security level you want, some have their own keypads to unlock the media.