Keyboard with Microphone on Gboard


I followed all of the directions on your website as to how to install the Google Play Store (the the APKs) onto my Kindle Fire HD 8 and then downloaded Gboard from there. I have made sure that Gboard has been selected in my setting. However, the microphone is not showing up when I go into Gmail, etc.

Any suggestions ?



Is your Kindle one that has a microphone? Not all do…


I have finally decided that it probably does not. Thanks for responding


Sorry about that.

I have had two different Kindle Fire devices, and they both also were without microphones. Considering that this was when video chat was first coming out, I really wanted that as a feature. So I bought a Galaxy Tab.


I finally got the voice to text to work in most areas !
I used the additional instructions / info at :

thanks again for your help and support