Is there a way to get standard Google based Android OS on 2nd Gen Kindle Fire?


My buddy just got the latest Kindle Fire and gave me his old 2nd Gen Kindle Fire HD 8.9" tablet. Its nice but the problem is it runs on Amazon’s clunky (and greatly limited) “Amazondroid” OS. Is there any way to get it to run on a standard Google Android OS, or at least get Google Play services/store?

Its an old device so I’m willing to root it if I need to, I’ve just never done that before.


Take a look at this!


I had already found that actually. Just installing the apps doesn’t enable the Google Play services (connecting account data between devices), and installing the Play Store seems to require a Much older software update that I don’t have on the tablet. Other methods seem to require Gen 4 or newer to work.

I have a lot of apps on my phone that I’d like to use on the tablet, but I would definitely need functional Google Play for most of them.