Is it Possible to Revert Back to Classic G Mail?


I have read the answers and there is no Return to Classic email in the dropdown box under settings! Grateful for any input.


Mention the device type and the browser. The option placements are different in PC and in smartphone.


Thanks for the advice. I am using a desktop PC and Opera. I have just tried on Firefox with the same result - no option to return to classic.


I believe that Return to Classic is no longer an option.

The closest “feel” of the old style is to have your inbox set on ‘Comfortable’ (under display density) :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. I was thinking that too. Odd thing is that I have another email address and that is still in classic style. I am not so bothered about the way the emails are presented but what I find difficult is that on the left hand side where the files etc are displayed in classic style, because of the hangouts section which I never use, there is a small area only for me to scroll down to find files, bin etc. If I can;t go back to classic style is there any way I can get rid of the hangouts to have the space to display the files or is there another way to have the file list on display.


Go to the cog in the top right of the mailbox.

Go to settings.

Look along the headers, and go to the one that says Chat.

Turning chat off makes the hangout box disappear. :smiley:


Thanks for this that has worked and it looks much better.
Have another issue arisen today not connected but gmail related. We had a power cut and the PC switched off. This powercut may not be the reason for what happened.
When I logged onto my personal email box a load of emails had disappeared from the inbox but were still in All Mail.
I view my emails also on my samsung via email under the Samsungt heading. There are no emails at all for my inbox either by accessing this way or by going through Google and selecting gmail. None are coming in either.
I have another email account and that is not affected either on the PC or the Samsung.
As a general comment when I view my emails on my PC and delete or move an email to a file, they come off my Samsung - the same works the other way round - if I delete on my Samsung they do not appear on my PC.
Any thoughts would be appreciated - is it the PC or the phone I wonder?