iPhone battery discharging at a fast rate


iPhone 6. Battery health shows 98%. Overnight, it drops 5%. While in use, it’s dropping 1% every 3 minutes. Continuous use only gives me 4 1/2 to 5 hours between charges. I have done all the “tricks” to preserve the battery, but no luck. Out of warranty, so a new battery or phone will come out of my pocket.


Someone else asked about this a while back, seems there was an iOS update that was causing the battery to drain faster.


Currently on iOS 12, but just got notified that 12.0.1 is available. After it’s downloaded, I’ll charge the battery and see if it was fixed.


Updated to iOS 12.1, drained battery, recharged for 4 hours, did a reboot, and battery percentage is still out of whack. Overnight, went from 100% to 79% (8 hrs). Battery health still at 98%. My old iPhone 4G has better battery life. All my system settings have been optimized for long battery life, but still discharging at 1% every 3-4 minutes while in use. I’m out of ideas.


You might take a look this.


I have done 90% of those suggestions, but did do the remaining 10%. I’ll recharge tonight, and see what happens tomorrow. Thanks.


First 12 hours it only went down 20%, but the next 12 hours went down 40%. I obviously have slowed it down, now have to see why the sudden upburst after it reached 80% charged. Thanks for that article. It did help.


I think it’s fixed. I just went 2 1/2 days between charges. The article Ronnie posted did help, but I took it a little further. After applying those tweaks, I discharged it all the way, then after it was at 100%, I left it plugged in for another hour, then I did a reboot (home+power buttons). It did improve, but not to my liking, so I let it discharge to 30%, then repeated the charge/reboot. After that, I was able to go 2 1/2 days between charges. I hope I’m not bragging too early.


After 4 days, I feel confident enough to say “IT’S FIXED”. For those of you that run into this problem, please remember to leave the charging cable in for at least 1 hour after it’s fully charge. The article Ronnie posted was a BIG help.