Internet speed, problems


My internet speed is advertised as 68 mb, but I’m getting 62mb so I’m slightly happy.

The problem is when I run “ the speed of me” on my iphone and iPad it gives me a reading of well over 62mb , but when I try the speed of me on my windows 10 hp desktop it only gives me a speed of 34 mb anyone know what the problem is, why my hp pavillion is so slow, I have serious brain damage after falling off a roof so things are more difficult now


That doesn’t make any sense, it should be the other way around. Typically you see full speed on the wired ethernet desktop connection, but a slower speed over the wireless.

Perhaps it could be the speed test that is at fault, you can get different results on different speed tests. Try going to on the desktop and run a test there.


Is the HP a desktop or laptop? Is it using wireless connection or wired and if wireless which protocal is it using, 2.4 or 5G?