Installing an SSD in a Dell 8500 desktop


Hermit, before I do anything can someone tell me which option to select from the above post on which one I should select F1 or F2 since I have both drives disconnected. F1 says continue, F2 says run the setup Utility? Or should I just re-connect the drives?


I would try F2 first, that might actually get you to the BIOS menu where you have been trying to get all along. F1 would just continue to Windows (if your drives were connected).


Ok, I will try F2 and le you know what happens.


That did not work, only said recovery, recover last version and troubleshoot, no joy


Well guys, I know you are weary of my problem. But I just solved it. I contacted Dell and Guess What . THE DELL 8500 DOES NOT SUPPORT AN SSD, SO ALL THAT WORK WAS WASTED, Sorry for all the hassle you guys went trough. Thanks for all your efforts to help me.


AW… That’s a crying shame!


That it is Hermitt, That it is


Not sure if I would believe them or not on that one. From my experience if you can use a HDD you can use a SSD because they use the same SATA connection. I mean you can see the drive in disk management, can you also map the drive to another letter like D: and access the data? If so its obviously working and I see no reason you can’t use it as the boot drive.

The question remains why you can’t get into the BIOS. Until you can access that you won’t be able to prove them wrong. You need to get your hands on a cheap $10 wired keyboard, maybe you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor, or…


That’s simply not true. There is no difference between an SSD and a hard drive, as far as the motherboard is concerned. The few differences are all accounted for in software, not hardware.

Dell’s company line may be “we don’t support it”, but to say you can’t install and use an SSD in a Dell XPS 8500 is a lie.

I’ve used SSDs in computers older than the 8500. Two of the three SSDs in my current computer were purchased for and run in a computer older than the XPS 8500 (a second generation i7).

Dell just took the lazy way out and said “we don’t want to help you.”

The ultimate solution here may just be a clean install of Windows, but the fact that the drive is working in your system puts lie to the statement that it’s not supported.


While I am not questing your answers to the compatibility issue, after at least 100 questions and answers why can’t we to get the SSD to work ?


Honestly, I haven’t been following this thread all that closely, but it seems like you haven’t hit on the magic combination to re-create the boot sector on the new drive. I had a similar problem with my new laptop (also a Dell), and I finally just did a full re-install using a Windows USB stick. That worked for me.


I have a USB stick that has the recovery image but I cannot get it ti boot to the disk, any suggestions or is that the right thing to do?


This should get you into BIOS setup, and you can change the boot order to boot from the USB drive…


wilsontp, I’ve tried all that before and I still cannot get into BIOS, I have not tried the wired keyboard yet, I don’t have one. I ordered a wired keyboard and will get it tomorrow and will try that.



I ran a Google search for how to install an SSD into a Dell 8500 desktop using it as the primary drive. - and it returned numerous pages of discussion threads - many from Dell forums, and many from about 2013.

Apparently this problem is not new and a number of people have claimed to have marked the thread as “solved”.

Some of the solutions seemed very complicated (at least to me) but they did achieve the desired results. Perhaps you might want to give that a try.

PS - This thread now appears near the top of the Google search.


Ok, I will look it up, Thanks


Straspey, I have already tried the suggestions in your link, I tried them several times with no joy. Thanks for your response.


Okay - sorry it wasn’t helpful - and thanks for letting us know.

Seems like you’re really up against a wall on this.


I got the wired keyboard and you folks were right about the wireless keyboard, the wired one got me into BIOS and it shows the hard drive and the SSD drive, do I select the SSD. I do not have a disk to reinstall windows it was upgraded from win 7. It also says Boot Mode is Legacy: Secure Boot Off:


Is anyone there with some help?