Installing an SSD in a Dell 8500 desktop


I’ve got the screen shot, how do I get it there? I used Windows snipping tool.


You can just copy and paste it into a message.


I have the screen shot minimozed, but there is no copy and paste option, Sorry I know I am dumb but I don’t see how to do that


If you’re using any modern web browser, you can just press Control-V to paste into the message window.

Click Reply, Switch over to Snipping tool and click the Copy button, switch back here and press Control-V. Or right-click in the message box and click paste.



Thank You Wilsontp, If you guys can get my new SSD to be the primary drive I promise I will not bother you anymore.


That K: drive is weird. Maybe that is a recovery partition? Or perhaps your HDD is actually a hybrid drive and that K: drive is the SSD portion?

It doesn’t look like that K: drive was cloned over to the SSD, same amount of space but unallocated.

You can see on the top there that the system sees the SSD as an OS, but is still using your HDD as the C: drive (boot drive).

Did you try what I suggested earlier? Disconnecting the HDD and seeing if the system will automatically boot off the SSD on its own? Did you make a recovery disk when you made the clone in case you need it?


Yes, larry I removed the hard drive and started up and got the message "reboot and select proper boot drive, no I did not make a recovery disk.


Did you move the SSD to the same connector the hard drive was plugged into? That’s an important step.

Once in a while, i see systems that will only boot from the first hard drive; my laptop won’t boot without the hard drive plugged in because of this.


I just now did that wilsontp and got the same message “Reboot and select proper boot drive”


You need to create that recovery disk, it should make it so the system can boot from the SSD.


larrymitchell, I will do that right now. Will that automatically boot to the SSD?


The idea is that you would be able to boot from the disk on an optical drive, it would then repair whatever needs to be repaired to allow the SSD to boot, then the SSD would boot normally on its own without the disk.


Ok, The Flash drive is now being created, I’ll let you know when it is done. When it is done do I just restart the computer and it will boot to the SSD or what do i do?


It now ays the Recovery disk is ready. Whats’ the next step?


I rebooted and nothing has changed, it still boots to the hard dive not the SSD.


Now the trick is getting the system to boot off the thumb drive, normally this would be easy by changing the boot order but you have had trouble with that. You could try just plugging in the drive and rebooting to see if your boot order is already set to check for a thumb drive first, but it usually isn’t.


No, it did not check


What buttons have to tried to press during boot so far? Have you tried F2?


I have tried F2, F12 and F8