Installing an SSD in a Dell 8500 desktop


Once you have everything done and you think its working, I would disconnect the HDD and reboot a few times just to make sure it is working as intended before you go ahead and wipe the HDD to use as a data drive.

If you don’t need the HDD for data right away, you could even leave it as-is and keep it as a backup on the side in case sometime goes wrong with your SSD. For this purpose you could leave it connected, but I would disconnect it (leave in the computer or remove) just so the system doesn’t try to use it until you want it used.

With Dell’s you press F12 at boot.


Thanks much larry. your response is much appreciated.


No matter what I do I cannot get into the boot menu, I have tried tapping F12 on restart and it says Boot Menu F12, but goes directly into windows, I tried shutting down the computer and as soon as I had power I tapped f12 furiously, no joy. Does anyone know hwo to get into the boot menu? It is a Dell 8500. Thanks


Try F8. F12 works for me, but I don’t have a Dell.


You don’t have to go directly to the boot menu, go into the BIOS/UEFI settings, there should be another menu there that will allow you to change the boot order.

Do you have fast startup disabled in the Windows power settings?


larry, how do I go into the BIOS/UEFI settings?


Under “This PC” the “E” SSD drive is no longer there after I used Acronis clone


That is the F12 during boot, but if you can’t see it, it may be because you have fast startup turned on in the Windows power settings.


I checked the power settings and I can’t find anything about fast startup listed.



I always turn that off, because when I need to boot from something that modifies the boot drive, this causes problems.


Larry, on my machine under shutdown settings it only shows Sleep an Lock, nothing else. I cannot find anything that relates to fast shutdown. Also, as I said before the E drive which was my SSD has disappeared and is not under This PC. I need some help!!!


Here is an excellent step-by-step tutorial from the Windows Ten Forums showing how to turn “Fast Startup” on or off.

Read the tutorial and follow the step-by-step instructions - which covers a number of different scenarios, including hidden configuration options.

See if you find this helpful - and please let us know.


Straspey, as I said earlier under System Settings following your link in the tutorial there is only two options Sleep an Lock. I followed the instructions exactly in the link and still arrived at System Settings with the only two options I described. Sorry, But I cannot find out how to turn off Fast Startup.


Is it still listed under disk management? Not sure that is your main concern at this point, as it won’t matter if you can’t get into the BIOS/UEFI to change the boot order.

What you might try is shut down the computer, disconnect the HDD and leave the SSD connected, see if the system will automatically figure out that it should be booting to the SSD now that its been cloned.


Yes it is there and it now shows as disk1 OS (C:) and my hard drive as disk DATA (D:) so it looks to me as the SSD is the primary and HDD as secondary, Is that right? If so, how can I get disk 1 os to operate as the primary?


Disregard the above I looked at the wrong computer


I think it is there, there are some that I don’t recognze.
Here’s what is shows:
Disk O Basic 465.76 GB Online, to the right of that in a separate box is OS 439.47 (primary partition), Below these two are:
Disk 1 Basic 931.51GB Online Flash Drive (K:)26.25GB NTFS (Healthy System Active, Primary Partition), To the right of that in a separate box is:
OS (C:) 905.22GB NTFS (Healthy Boot Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition. This is what Disk Management shows. I have no idea where Flash Drive comes in, I do not have anything attached to the computer, no flash dries SD cards etc.
My SSD is 500Gb and the HDD is 2TB


Does the above make sense to anyone>


An SSD is a flash drive. This tells me that the system booted from your SSD.

Can you take a screen shot with Snipping Tool? I’m having a hard time figuring exactly where you got some of the data on your last post.