Installing an SSD in a Dell 8500 desktop


I am not a tech guy but I would like some instructions on how to install an SSD into a Dell 8500 desktop using it as the primary drive. Do I need the factory install disk? I don;t have that. What else do I need to complete the installation. The SSD that I have is a crucial MX500 for the Dell 8500. Thanks for any help.


Can anyone help with this project?


Since you have a Crucial SSD, here’s instructions from Crucial:


My desktop has a 3.5 inch bay for the hard drive and I want that to be a secondary drive with the SSD the primary, What do I need to accomplish that? Do I need adapter cables, trays? Thanks


Install the SSD as the 2nd drive. Download & install Macrium Reflect - - Make/burn a Macrium CD. The CD is for doing a RESTORE should your system crash. Now, start Macrium, and CLONE the current system partition to the SSD. When done, turn off the PC & unplugged the original HD, leaving the SSD plugged in. Turn the PC on, & it should boot up. After you verify that the SSD is working properly, you can wipe/delete the system partition on the original HD. I use Partition Wizard 9, but you can use any partition program you like.


You will also need a Sata cable. I have 4 SSD’S and two of them I just laid in the 3.5 tray. (no moving parts). But you can use a adapter if you want too.


If I unplug the two cables from the Hard Drive and plug them into the SSD, how do I get the Hard Drive to become the secondary drive? As I said I am not a tech guy so I don’t understand all of this.


Your power cable should look like the one below. Plug one of the poower connecter into the hard drive. Then the Sata cable I said you need also plug it into the hard drive. The other goes to another one of your computer sata connection and your reaady to go.


By the Sata connection do you mean the SSD? and is the Sata cable the small one that came off the hard drive or is it the big one?
I have another question also, The crucial SSD came with a black rectangle piece tht will not fit around the SSD, can you tell me what that is and where it goes? I has two gold strips on each of the small ends.


You need one of each cables going to the hard drive and the ssd. One small and one large You should have another sata connection on your computer to plug tthe new Sata cable into.


In my computer The short cable goes from the Hard drive to the mother board and the large cable is in a large wiring harness, do they both go to the SSD? If so what do I need for the hard drive, Identical cables? Where does the power come from? I don’t see another sata cable. Sorry to be such a pain.


First does your power cable (bigger one) look like the one I showed you with all the connecter on it.


No, it has 10 cables from it to a large wiring harness. It is a tiny bit smaller than one inch wide


What I’m asking is do have another power cable connecter. (the big one)
You have to have at least two.


I just bought some cables from Amazon and will get them tomorrow, here is the description, Intatech 2x2.5 SSD to 3.5 internal hard disk Drive mounting bracket. Sata cables and power cables included (CT 10025). Does that help? I think two cables come with them


You need a power cable like I showed you because you only have one power connetion. That cable gives you more connecter so you can add more ssd’s or hard drives. But you should have two or three more sata connections


Ok, I just bought that cable but I will not be able to get it before Friday. Where do I plug that in?


Plug it into your computer the same place your already installed hard drive is plugged into. Then connect one of connecter to your old hard drive and one to the new ssd. Then connect the new sata cable to your new ssd and the other end to one of your extra sata connection.


I’m surprised the Crucial drive didn’t come with software to allow you to easily clone your hard drive, mine did when I got it four years ago.


I’ve never bought a Crucial, but WD, Maxtor, and Seagate all came with a CD to allow cloning.