Install free version of win 10


Hi hope I am not repeating the question question my laptop is once again slowing down and doing strange things so I’m thinking of reinstalling win 10 but also i am thinking of getting rid of the bloatware. Im ok with downloading win 10 onto to a memory stick but I need advice as to how to get rid of the bloatware do I format the HD if so how ? Appreciate any help /comments etc



Which bloatware? Names please!


When you install Windows 10 from a clean USB or DVD installer, formatting the drive is part of the process.

You just need to download the Media Creation Tool and use that to create a USB or DVD installer.


Biswa manufacturer-installed bloatware
wilsontp many thanks for the info and link having had quick look at link seems to have the info I’m looking for


Boot from the USB drive. In the screen showing partitions, select C drive and click format. Then install windows 10. You wont get the bloatware.
After that go to the manufactrer’s website and download the necessary drivers and install them. Be careful not to download any bloat from there.


Thanks for the info I feel more confident having read these replies so now thinking of going the whole hog and fitting a SSD ! Am I correct in thinking that if I format C I’ll loose the F key or do those reside somewhere else ?


What is the “F key”?

When you reinstall Windows part of the process is to delete the partition(s) which would also force you to format the new partition(s) for use.


Sorry that should have read ‘F key’s’ the function keys



The function keys work outside of Windows so they would not be affected by a format.


Are you talking about things like the screen brightness controls and other functions that are located on the top row of most laptop keyboards?

You may lose some of those functions. It depends on the computer. Installing the manufacturer’s support software will make those functions work again.


Thanks for you input guy’s


You should uninstall all the bloatware apps or can use powershell to remove the bloatware.


Thanks for the suggestion James I find using add/remove progs very slow and to be honest I’m not familiar with power shell !


You can right-click the application, and select uninstall from the context menu. This appears to work for several apps included in the Windows 10 installation package, such as Money, News, Sports, and a few others clogging up your Start menu.