If you're using Yahoo e-mail, you may want to switch


That’s good advice for any web service, not just Yahoo.


I’ve migrated my Yahoo accounts to Thunderbird, and I’ve had so much success with that, I’m now slowly migrating my Google accounts to Thunderbird. I have to go slow because I have to notify so many companies and people of my new address/location.


Eh? Mozilla Thunderbird doesn’t provide email. It’s only a piece of software to read email, like Microsoft’s Outlook. Or is there some small email provider named Thunderbird of which I’m not aware?


I can send and receive emails via Thunderbird.


I haven’t had any problems with Yahoo. I learned a long time ago not to upgrade to new Yahoo software until I have no other choice since their new software tends to be buggy as a flop house bed when it first comes out.

I’ve changed my Yahoo password several times since 2013 so that hacking is not a worry for me. I’m strongly considering getting my own domain, though.


This is true. You need to treat all web sites as if they can be breached. Passwords are no longer safe, so the ideal thing to do is to use a password manager; if you need to use an online one, use something with two-factor authentication.


Can’t help smiling - since when did ‘FUBAR’ become ‘polite?’ :wink:


I think that FUBAR, like a few other acronyms, has long since transcended and become its own word. In fact, I learned about FUBAR in a Christian school’s English class.


What’s wrong with FUBAR? It merely means Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition, doesn’t it? :wink:


Just for kicks I logged in with my Yahoo account… I don’t have any problems with them. Their news seemed to have a definite anti-Semitic bent for a couple years which I complained about but seems to have improved. And I kept getting hacked from Russia and China a few years ago also. That said, I simply chose a much stronger password and didn’t happen anymore. I too bad a problem with outlook but it was that I couldn’t remove my Yahoo acct from it. So far I’m not having any problems with anything anymore but I just go direct to the Yahoo app or site. As I’m responding it’s like I’m begging to keep grandma on life support for years but I’m really not. Lol She needed some surgery with a better dr, meds and all is well now. It’s like she’s beating me at tennis. :wink:


I also have not problems with Yahoo, and have kept the Old Format as long as possible. Works really well and hope it get’s better with time and not worse. This is because I like the layout very well, easy to use etc. Will keep using it as long as possible.


Still, Thunderbird is just a client. You still need a server to connect to, else those emails won’t go anywhere. Furthermore, you don’t change email addresses to use Thunderbird, because, again, it is not a server. It is merely a client.


Back in my old Army days (circa 1968) was used this term for difficult to repair equipment, but “Fouled” was not the first word back in those days.


Still isn’t, for most people. There was a reason I wrote Fouled in italics and a winky emoticon. I was being a wee bit facetious. The term goes way back before '68, btw, before either of us were born.


DILLIGAS (from the same groups)?


Thank goodness I happened on this site, discuss, etc and having exactly same issue with Yahoo, so will drop it, slowly, as you discribed. I am very stupid with geek stuff, so don’t laugh. Thanx


I’m still using Yahoo’s groups because I think I have a better reason not to use Google: the SJW/censorship situation. This is not just about one employee being fired for a memo that leaked – Google’s Youtube has begun actively taking down or demonetizing the accounts of conservatives. Apparently to them, any viewpoint to the right of Pelosi is now “hate speech”.

This will certainly spread eventually to every site google owns, including G+, Google Groups, Blogger, and Blogspot. So I’m hedging my bets. (Yes, I know about Yahoo blocking-by-default links to adult blogs from Tumblr, which it owns.)

Free speech on the net is in trouble if these giants are allowed to drive content they disagree with off the Internet. We must resist any more mergers among media/internet/telecom giants, and any regulation that will make it harder for new competitors to start up.


It’s curious that everyone is in an uproar over a hack that happened FOUR years ago. Yahoo had a couple of lesser braches since then and people should have changed their passwords after everyone. It doesn’t hurt to change passwords every few months, even if not needed.


Claudia_McAllister, don’t worry about it - I’m not a techie, either, that’s how I originally ended up here, trying to figure out some stuff that was beyond me. Folks here seem to be awfully helpful, and I doubt anyone will laugh at you at all. Good luck w/ your e-mail.


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