I need help with Firefox's recent changes to Extensions - I use FF 56.0.2 64-bit


I’ve stayed with FF 52.9ESR to keep all my old extensions. I’m a savvy internet user and I can keep it safely without new security fixes. Oddly, my FF wasn’t affected by the new bug from Mozilla. I have about 40 XUL extensions.

I’ve tried several password managers over a period of years, and the one with the fewest bugs and the easiest interface is StickyPassword. They’re receptive to problems posted either from the program or at the website forums.


Using too many extensions are more riskier than old Firefox (though its ESR). Extensions are also one of the sweet attacking vectors.


All extensions still had to be signed at that time.


This extension is now available for Firefox 52-56 and solves the problem.



Downloaded the Extension, restarted FF, and all is back to normal! I will have to think about where I go from here, as I know I am up against a lot of limitations between Win 7, the 4meg limit on my computer memory, and FF… Part of the on-going problem is the number of old programs I need to keep using. I’ve got unsupported old software going right back to the days of DOS! Anyway, that is an altogether different topic, and one for another thread,

I am sorry I have been slow to reply to the most recent posters. My 16.5 year old cat has been very ill for the last week and has been in hospital (he has had another tooth extracted and a nasty lump removed - this surgery on top of last year’s tooth extraction, treatment for over-active thyroid, and his ongoing battle with kidney failure has been very stressful and I haven’t been on the computer much as a consequence. I really want to personally thank everyone who contributed to trying to help me out.

Ciao, KK