I got a ransomware email


I kind of liked it as a PM as it was for a specific question and problem regarding this forum, but perhaps keeping it public will help others out too.


That’s exactly right - I could not have said it better.

If you look at the top menu of the main forum page, you’ll see a drop-down menu called “All Categories”

Click on that, scroll down, and look for a category called “Meta” - that is the category to discuss the layout and operation of the discussion forums.

Have a look there and you’ll see what I mean.

Generally we do not use PM’s for discussion threads, and prefer to keep the discussions public and open.


I can hide specific revisions, which I just did.

Click your avatar at the top-right corner of this page. There’s a menu there that will get you where you need to go.

@Straspey accident or not, that’s now the new policy for help requests like the last half of this thread (really, the new thread that you merged over here).


I would offer the suggestion then that the category “meta” be retitled so that it reflects that this is what it is for.

Thank you for all your help and information, I do appreciate it.


Meta is for a lot of things; one of them is you can ask for help using the forum in that place.

I’d like to try to figure out how to make an “ask a mod” button. I’ll ask over on the Discourse meta about that.


An “ask a mod” button is a great idea.


Wow. I get maybe 5 spam mail a month? I use Gmail. I well remember the early days of Gmail - when I would get maybe 20 spams a day (Viagra mostly) - but Google has really improved its filters in the last few years.


Ya agree with that. I added those spam email address to it’s filter. But Gmail may not stop the emails.


EPILOGUE: Well, the 48 threatened hours are now long past and surprise surprise, nothing happened!

I hope not too many people fell for this nasty phishing email.

Editing to ask a question. I’m noticing that since I started 2 threads in different categories, in my feed for this thread show all the posts for the other thread as well, very confusing. How did this happen?


I get a couple dozen of these things a day. They all talk about my web cam. If absolutely nothing else — I have no web cam. Hell, I have tape over my tablet cameras unless I’m using them.

It is freaky though – Many of these things have valid (if not old) passwords. All those info breaches over the years…


Wow, you sure have been targeted. I vaguely recall getting something like this once years ago. I hope I’m wrong but something tells me this kind of phishing could get more common.