HP Pavilion dv4-2155dx


i just got this,4 good bargain might add,need to get a charger for it but when i do i was wondering if i could do any good gaming with it,like steam,computer game cds,stuff like that? maybe some google play apps or somethin?


Not familiar with that model but this CNET review from 2010 when it came out may give some indication.


Your gaming prospects are going to depend largely on the specs, and the specs on this system are pretty weak for today’s standards.

It should certainly be sufficient for browsing, which means you can probably play browser based games alright. There may also be some Steam games you can play, but we’re talking those games that have low graphical requirements. You might try a game like Hearthstone on there and see how it runs. Another game that might run okay is League of Legends.

You will have to do some experimenting, you may be able to get certain games to run just by bringing the graphics settings down, but it largely depends on what type of games you like to play.


Fps games mostly,some mech games,a little fantasy sometimes


Test it with a game like Team Fortress 2, that should have low requirements and its free.


Would I be Abel to install Windows 8.1 or even 10?


Sure, they should both run fine on 4GB of RAM.