How to sync Apple contacts with Google contacts faster?


I use Google G Suite for my email , contacts, etc. and I have my G Suite account set up on my iPhone 7 Plus ( ios 12.3 ) . It works, but slowly.

For example, if I add a contact to G Suite using Apple contacts app on my phone, I have to wait several minutes for the contact to appear in Google contacts on the Web.

The opposite is true. If I add a new contact using Google contacts in the Web browser, it takes several minutes for it to appear in the Apple contacts app on my iPhone.

I’m looking for a way to speed up the syncing between my iPhone and Google contacts. Google searches have turned up nothing, and looking through the Google account settings on my iPhone hasn’t turned up any settings I can change to fix it.

I decided to ask here to see if anyone knew of a way to speed up the sync between Google and Apple contacts.