How to share Google Drive with all my Gmail accounts


I’m paying for 100GB of Google Drive space. But only one of my several Gmail accounts is able to use it. My other Gmail accounts think they only have the
default 15 GB and claim I am running low on storage. Actually I’ve only used about 20 GB of my 100 GB.

So how do I enable each of my Gmail accounts to have access to my pot of 100 GB of Google Drive space? I’m sure this is easy…I just haven’t found the place to do it.


If you are paying for the 100 GB plan then you probably already have the extra member benefits. You just need to utilize that. Follow the instructions here!


Google Drive is a per-user thing. You can’t really share your entire Drive account with other email accounts, but you can share individual files and folders. This will let you access your Drive folders from another account, but those other accounts will still be subject to their own storage limitations and will still have their own settings, etc.

In Google Drive’s web site, right-click on a folder and click Share. It should give you a prompt for the user you want to share with. Enter your other email account in that box.