How to recover stuff off of an iPad 3 that's locked out?


Hey everyone,

I have an old iPad that we forgot the passcode to and then I got locked out forever (It says “iPad is Disabled; Connect to iTunes” on boot), and we NEED to recover the photos and stuff off of the iPad, but when we connect it to my iMac and open iTunes, it asks us to format it, which we do NOT want to do. I don’t want to send it in to an expensive data-recovery service to have the photos recovered. Also when I connect it to a Windows PC it will show up as a media device, and I can use it like a huge flash drive, but I can’t seem to find ANY photos or videos, even with the “Show hidden files and folders” option checked. Is there a way to recover anything off of it? Thanks in advance.



If you’re the original purchaser, an Apple Genius should be able to help. Contact Apple support.


Well, it is a pretty old iPad, so I think its warranty has expired awhile ago. Will they still help me repair it even after its warranty has gone bad (expired)? Also I think I had already tried the repair option, so is there some kind of software or something that will recover stuff off the iPad?

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If it’s locked out due to a missing passcode, there’s no software that will unlock that. That’s the whole point of Apple’s security in the first place - even the police and FBI are having trouble breaking into iOS devices to gather evidence.

Honestly, calling Apple support should be your first option. If they can’t help you, then you’ll at least have that information. If they can help you (even if it costs $50 or something), then you’ll be able to get the issue resolved.


Calling Apple support didn’t help. They said I have to do a factory reset to get the device working again, which I don’t want to do (as it will wipe the photos and videos I want to recover). Anything else I can do? Maybe send it into a third-party repair service? Thanks again.