How to Reactivate music file


Got a problem with my music files (100GB), they won’t play. Meaning after numerous transfers between drives, reinstalls etc… they lost their validity.
I heard of a tool to reactivate the properties them, but its only for use with WindowsXP. I’m using Windows 8.
Anyone know how to reactivate them?


Never heard about ‘reactivate’-ing music file. What is the relation between reinstalling and that music file? Generally, a file doesn’t degrade while copying/moving between different drives/folder.


I suspect DRM (digital rights) issue? In such case, you should have “deactivated” those files while in their prior drive – before moving them to their target drive. I suspect you’ve never done that during all previous moves, and you’ve now used up all your “move allowance”??

This is why I only collect DRM-free music.


The files came from CD I once owned. I moved them through several drives … i.e., backups and restores, and as you stated, looks like I used up my “allowance”.
Any idea how to recover access?
Please don’t anyone say, re-burn the CD’s.


It is very rare for audio files ripped from CD’s to have DRM because the CD’s usually do not have DRM. It only happens with very bad ripping software that tried to suck up to the RIAA and lock down the data even though legally it is not required.

If the files do have DRM I’d take the opportunity re-rip them to super high quality lossless, no DRM, FLAC files so that they will be usable for the rest of your life.


I had a similar issue years ago when I had bought some music from Napster before they shut down. Unfortunately I did have to “re-burn” the music, so to speak.