How to open Fujitsu Esprimo x913-t?


If you can even open the damn thing. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about : So, I’m an IT intern at this one place and they told me to get a new ssd for this computer. No biggie, went to look for ssd that work with it and found out that Crucial BX200 2.5 inch ssd works with it. We order it, but when I flip the computer and unscrew all the screws I could find I couldn’t open it. Any idea if you can actually open it (I couldn’t find a single guide for it) or do I have to order an external device to connect the ssd to the computer?


Some laptops have screws hidden under stickers for warranty purposes. Other than that, it’s probably that the clips on the edge of the case are very tight. I can’t image it’s glued shut, although that’s the way things have gone with smart phones (I have a Samsung Note in pieces at the moment)…


Frog is correct here. Many machines, PC or so called smartphones are now becoming more than difficult to disassemble. Apple devices more so.

You are at a stage where all screws have been extracted, the trick is to check hidden screws (as above).

The machine now needs careful prising apart using butterknife tech. You should see not only the ram array but the HDD slot

It is a standard sata connection


Huh… Well that kind of sucks, but it is understandable. I was a bit afraid of pulling the plastic parts since they seemed like they would break if I pulled them too strongly.

Oh also, I should have put this in the original post, but here is the back (I’ve unscrewed all the screws I could find) of the computer

As you said there was one screw hidden under a metal sticker that kept the plastic in place.


Another trick is that sometimes screws are hidden under rubber feet like the ones in your pic.

Were you able to open everything up?


Everything I could find (though I didn’t check the rubber feet. I only have limited access to the computer as it is used daily as congress computer) It also looked like there were screws on the other side (you can see then ends of the screws very poorly in the pic) so I’m not even sure if I can open it…


Okay, FINALLY managed to open the little bastard. My boss pretty much said that I can break it in order to get inside of it. Luckily I didn’t! Here are few pictures

Had to first lift the panel with a knife to get to see screws below it.


After unscrewing from both top and bottom, had to use the knife again to raise the top part (which was kind of hard since the screen is attached to the top)


The hard drive


Little bit more screwing around with the hard drive (had to lift and pull the thing out) and I managed to take it out. Then just simply put the SSD in and put everything back together.

Frustating and annoying as hell, but managed to do it. Don’t buy this PC if you want to upgrade it.

Sorry for multiposting, couldn’t upload more than one picture as new member :confused:


thanks for this, I have an identical pc and want to upgrade the memoty and the HD. Just one more question, the ram, is the size for a laptop or desktop. I think if i see the pictures that it is for a desktop but just want to make sure. Thanks,Jan


Unfortunately I’m not sure, nor can I check it anymore since my in-job-training ended there. I only foud out that the SSD was fit for this by doing google search. I’d recommend you doing the same. Sorry that I couldn’t be anymore help…