How to make Adobe Flash auto start in Windows 10


I am finally getting comfortable with Windows 10 but still need some help. Every time I start something that need Adobe Flash Player it asks me for permission to start Adobe Flash Player. I don’t remember this happening in Windows 7. Is there a way to make Adobe Flash Player start when my system boots up?


That is usually a browser setting, depending on which browser you use you may or may not be able to enable Flash globally.

The reason many browsers do not allow the global enabling of Flash is because it is a major source of malware distribution and Flash itself has be not required for video on the web for many years. Unfortunately many sites still use Flash instead if the safer HTML 5.


Thanks for the information. I will leave it the way it is. The weather app I use on my home page is the only thing that asks me to start Adobe Flash Play.


I’m guessing that it’s the UAC (User Account Control) asking for your permission to run AFP.
You can always lower the UAC setting to prevent this but I don’t recommend doing that.


You can usually whitelist a web app in whatever browser is displaying your homepage and then it won’t ask anymore.