How to know that the sim cum memory slot is damaged


Hi, I am using samsung galaxy j2 pro. When i mistakenlyl inserted a very small simcard without the correct size, mine supports micro sim, the card got inside deep that i coud not take it out.
i tried to remove, but the simcard failed to be retrieved. Some person then tried to take it out, but in the process, he asked me to give him a pin, safety pin . just he used and i got the sim card and after attaching the borders provided with me, i could use the sim card to get connection to the sim.
But in the meanwhile, he just showed me by sliding the slim slot and told me , i need not have tried , and sim slot could be moved downwards .
The problem however is, when i inserted the micro sd card in the slot provided at the top of slim slot, the card was not recognized.
When i tried in card reader also, it shows, no media .
When i took this to a mechanic local shop, they saythat the pin in micro sd card slot was damaged and need to be replaced. They quoted some price.
i just called the samsung service centre about it. They say, the sim slot could not be replaced separatelyl and mother board had to be totally replaced.
Experts, please give considered opinion.
The local technician told that it would be a 1000 rs for replacement and the samsung told me to entireply replace the board to use the micro sd card further.
Does the slim slot could be moved to insert and remove the sim card.
Do i need to replace the mother board, which costs about half of the total cost of the phone. ple


For someone with experience with surface mount soldering, it’s possible to replace the memory card socket. Otherwise, the easy fix is to replace the motherboard.

I don’t know how much 1000 rs in relation to the cost of a new phone, but it looks to be around $15… which is super-cheap for a phone repair here.


Hi, Thanks . the local tech says, the pin is broken and he charges RS1000 for that. I did not mention this cost when i freferred in the previous post. I referred the cost of mother board, at Rs3500 inclulding GST.
I bought the phone at Rs. 8900, reviewed it to gain a discount of Rs…1000.
I just could slide the slim slot downward to easily insert the sim. Sim is working perfectly. The outer surface does not reflectt any damage except a kind of scratches in the mem. slot…
In card reader also , the usb card reader is shown, but with no media, if inserted with the memory card.
Anyhow , i will check.
Thanks for soldering tips.


Hi, Wilson, i approached another technician, who has fixed the problem. He says that he has replaced the connection part of it and solder it. The SD is now reading and thanks for the tips. Otherwise, i would have gone to service centre to change the board at 3500/-. Now i have only spent 1/7th of it.
I request all users not to meddle with the slot and also would request them to insert the sim correctly with added border and required size . i had the problem, because, i just took the small portion of the sim and inadvertantly put it in to the slim slot, sim slot and has lost the memory card connection lost.