How to know that my pc has hdmi port


Hi, i am having a older pc, I want to connect to the hdmi port to my tv , to view on screen viewing in the TV. my tv is not smart tv.
i have located the hdmi port in my tv, samsung tv
but how to know, if my pc has hdmi port. if it is not having , how to use the existing port, usb port or any other port to convert to hdmi .
is there any available connector please say


look at the back. Is there an HDMI port there?

If not, you can convert DVI to HDMI with just a cable. Otherwise, you should consider a new video card.

What kind of computer do you have?


Hi, old one , assembled recently changed with a new mother board.
Monitor LcD samsung monitor.
How to know, that i am having DVI. Is it a part of monitor or hard disk cabin.
how to get those particulars, whether i have dvi . Sure , i do not have hdmi port.


See the ports, you can identify which one HDMI and which one DVI.


Is it to be checked at the back of the hard disk cabin or in monitor. I am having Lcd monitor samsung . I am having a different port other than the port conneced to my hard disk. The photo is enclosed herewith


It is clearly seen as ‘HDMI IN’ in that photo.

Clean Your PC!!


Look on the PC for a connector like the one in the photo of your monitor


Nothing like the picture. it was old model bought in 2004, when the hdmi is not at all in practice, i suppose.
May be the LCD monitor port would have been provided by samsung for latest model of computers, which has hdmi port at the back of the computer.
So, i cannot use hdmi connection, it seems.