How to get cheat engine on linux


please because i dont know how to work wine r anything.


Cheating is selfish and harmful to the gaming community. Please do not cheat.


I refuse to help people cheat at games so I don’t care if it works on Linux or not.


Agree with both of you. Cheating is bad. But only knowing how it works provides some deep knowledge of programming (assembly, CPU registers, memory allocation).


The cheat tools I’ve seen are proprietary so there is little incentive to make them work . . . if one was open source I suppose the learning aspect of it could be a valid reason to try to make it work but since that is usually, if not always, not the case then. meh



I’m going to disagree with the consensus, here.

There’s nothing wrong with using CheatEngine to modify single player games. This is really just a debug tool to analyze and modify memory. I’ve used it myself, from time to time.

Obviously, using CE (or any other tool) to modify a multiplayer game is unethical, and people get banned for it. But what a person does with a single player game is completely up to them. Give yourself a million extra XP in an RPG game? Why not? Give yourself a million dollars in The Sims? Go for it. In fact, some games, like Fallout 3, are unplayable today without “cheating” by installing certain third party tools.

“Cheating” and modding of single player games is perfectly acceptable and a long-honored tradition in video gaming. In fact, without mods and certain types of cheats, some of the most popular games of all times either would have died after mere weeks, or would never have come to be at all.

I don’t actually have any useful suggestions for CE… but if you don’t know how to use WINE yet, that’s the place to start. So my best advice is “learn how to use WINE.”