How-To Geek CES 2015 Live Photo "Blog"


Most of the How-To Geek team is at CES 2015, and we’re doing a group photo “live blog” of sorts, which just means that we’ll be posting pictures of everything we’re looking at in Vegas, as we’re looking at it (assuming we have a decent internet connection).

Who’s going to be there?

  • Lowell Heddings (The How-To Geek guy)
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Jason Fitzpatrick
  • Matt Klein
  • Erik Wang (he’s our business guy)

If you’ve got any special requests, or questions about something we’ve posted, feel free to reply to our posts in here and we’ll make an attempt to answer at some point.

If you want to talk about a specific gadget or thing that we’re looking at, or start a conversation about something that we’re posting, be sure to use the “Reply as Linked Topic” feature.


Picking up badges at CES

We are all waiting in line because the system went down so the IT guy is going to ride over on his bike and probably reboot something.

Not surprised since the CES website stores your password in plain text. You would think an electronics convention would do a better job with technology.


IT guy showed up

He finally got here on his little bike, rebooted the desktop and all is well. Some things never change.


Press Pass!

The back is an ad for a place that almost never has the best buys. We will spare you.


The DISH networks press conference

Man, this place is packed with people. Guess I'm standing in the back!


What press conferences are really like

Press conferences are just advertising directed at journalists.


The anticipation and excitement is building!

The view from the Las Vegas Convention Center monorail station. Workers are still busily putting the finishing touches on everything.


The amount of prep work that goes into CES is astounding

We'll be sharing shots all week of sparkling booths and products; here's a little peek at how crazy things are when CES is ramping up. We've seen it all this morning from racing forklifts to a crew building a whole model home to showcase home automation tech.


Surface Tablet in use at CES

This guy from TechAU figured out the best way to use a Surface tablet as a laptop.


Competing with BitTorrent

DISH at least understands all us young people use BitTorrent instead of old-school TV. They're launching a live-TV-over-the-Internet service for young people like me who don't want live TV services. Only 30 channels initially though, but should be a lot cheaper? Hmm.

What is CES really about? Furries, apparently! (They’re kangaroos.)


iDevices controls power plugs with your voice?

Somehow they are integrated with Apple's HomeKit but it isn't really clear from their presentation. This company has the most boring presentation ever.

They are talking about Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers, smart locks that you can open with your voice, and a lot of similar ideas.

What they aren’t discussing is how any of this is going to work, and with a lack of information on HomeKit in general it is clearly something we need to look into more.


Press swag

Is it really ethical to get piles of free stuff from the companies you're covering? According to many journalists here, it is.


The Hulk is ready to SMASH!

As part of their Marvel Avengers tie-in, the Samsung Galaxy booth features a giant Hulk statue.


There's no such thing as a free lunch, except at CES

The free press lunch at CES, one box per journalist. And you eat it while sitting on the floor because there's nowhere near enough chairs or tables.


An electric skateboard for that "last mile" to work.

This is Boosted Boards prototype electric skateboard.

It features four modes, beginner to pro, has a top speed of 22 mph, and a range up to 10 miles. The battery is said to take about an hour to charge and can be recharged up to 2000 times.

It’s being marketed primarily towards young men who want simple transportation from the subway to the office.


Free CES backpacks

Lots of journalists wearing these. They turn you into a walking ad for Seagate, so they actually just cost a bit of your soul. Feels a bit skeezy to me.

But my press pass turns me into a walking ad for Sony and Best Buy anyway, so there’s no escaping it entirely.


This would make a fine new work station if I do say so.

Booth still under construction; will have to come back later to play.


Standing room only

The conference on disruptive technology has proven to be very popular.


Today was press day, which basically means all of the companies are advertising their latest stuff to the tech news people.

Tomorrow is when CES actually starts and we can get hands on with all of the new stuff.

Some of the things that are big this year:

  • 4K TVs everywhere. We will be talking about this more in articles this week, but essentially the costs are coming down and everybody is focusing on it.

  • Connected everything. I sat at a press conference where they talked about telling Siri to unlock your front door. WiFi enabled toasters, light bulbs, door locks, garage door openers, and basically everything you can imagine.

  • Connected cars. The auto makers are very interested in getting in on the new the train and having your phone talk to your car.

  • Wearable tech is also everywhere. There are everything from watches to earrings to necklaces that transmit data to your phone. We will be looking into this.

There are a lot more things and we will be covering them tomorrow on this forum thread. And also in articles throughout the week.

We don’t do things the way every other site does. We will be focusing on articles to talk about what really matter, and all the rest of the stuff we see will be posted here on this thread.

So stay tuned for tomorrow.


The doors are about to open to the convention center.