How to embed mp3 file in email


I read where it is possible to embed a music file in an email?
the code is

or for HTML5

If you are reading this, it is because your browser does not support the audio element.

But in gmail is there a way to input HTML or is it text only? And in the above code, where is the mp3 file? attached to the email? Or? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks


Workaround: Upload the MP3 file in Google Drive. Enable to share a link of that file. Add that in email’s body.


Thanks and yes that would work as well as attach it to the email.
However, I would like it to play when the email is opened and I think gmail does not allow for that?
Maybe another email provider is necessary or using Outlook was also suggested.


I hope not. There’s a safety issue if email’s are allowed to automatically run stuff immediately upon opening.


Yes I can see that but this was only for an email to my sister not like for use in an autoresponder:grinning: